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What's New in Angry Birds Cheetos 2 APK for Android?

Chester Cheetah was telling the birds stories but the pigs stole their Cheetos. The birds go after them after the pigs fly off on a hot plane balloon into space, they later defeat the pigs and get their Cheetos back.

angry birds cheetos 2 apk

In time boom, angry birds go, you dodge the blocks and get to the finish line before the clock explodes. You can tell which time boom image is v2.0 because in the old version, it doesn't show where you are on the map and it is brown. In the new version, it is red and shows where you are on the map. Seedway tracks time boom has a shorter time than the other tracks. The music is first calm and gets serious after a while. Time boom is one of the main races. In the I pad devices, time boom first appeared as the second challenge in the first campaign, on mobile devices, time boom first appeared in bubbles' campaign. Time boom is the second hardest mode in the old version, it is the hardest in the new version.

One day, all of the birds (see list) were watching the eggs when all of a sudden the pigs sent all of the birds back in time to the episode "Poached Eggs" in the year 2009. The modern birds meet the classic birds A.K.A the original members of the flock and the classic pigs team up with the modern pigs. Now the modern and classic birds must save the modern and classic eggs form the modern and classic pigs! Of course, neither sides are alone in species...


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