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Samsung Note 8 Buy One Get One

The Galaxy Note8 takes business innovation to the next level with features for performance, productivity and security for a wide range of industries, simplifying how work gets done:Enhanced S Pen for Business: The S Pen lets professionals discreetly take notes in Screen off memo or quickly annotate documents and photos.

samsung note 8 buy one get one

Consumers who purchase a Galaxy Note8 between August 24, 2017, and September 24, 2017, get their choice of a free Samsung Gear 360 camera ($229.99 retail value) or a free Galaxy Foundation kit with Samsung 128GB EVO+ memory card and Fast Wireless Charging Convertible ($189.98 retail value)11. The promotion will last for a limited time and only while supplies last. Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information.

The Note 20's 3x optical to 30x AI-assisted zoom is still good as well, and better than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (which has 2x optical zoom), but image quality at 30x was better on the Ultra than on the regular Note 20. Most of the time the Note 20 will fulfill your photographic needs. But when I took them both to the moody Northern California coast, many of my nature shots were simply better on the Ultra and I stopped reaching for the note 20 altogether.

The Note 8 improves on the core device specifications and hallmark S Pen features of earlier devices. While retaining the same overall look and approximate size of the Galaxy S8+, it features an upgraded processor and, for the first time in Samsung's smartphone history, a dual-camera system on the rear of the device; one functions as a wide-angle lens and the other as a telephoto lens, with both featuring 12 MP resolution and optical image stabilization. The S Pen has increased pressure sensitivity levels and its software has been upgraded to offer improved note taking capabilities on the always-on display, as well as animated GIF and improved translation features.

The Note 8 comes bundled with high-end AKG-tuned earbuds[13] as well as the Note series' proprietary S Pen. Compared to the Note 5, the S Pen in the Note 8 has enhanced levels of pressure sensitivity (4,096 distinct levels of pressure),[8] though The Verge noted that those enhancements were featured in the defunct Note 7.[5] Ports include a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB-C port for charging and data transfer.[5] It has support for Samsung DeX as well, letting Note 8 users connect their device to a dock and monitor to enable a PC-like computing environment with mouse and keyboard input.[5]

The Note 8 came with Android 7.1.1 "Nougat" with Samsung's own custom user interface pre-installed.[5][8] The S Pen offers expanded software features, including "Live Message" for the creation of handwritten notes combined with emojis resulting in short animated GIFs. Users can remove the S Pen from the device and immediately write notes on the display through "Screen Off Memo," which works due to the screen's always-on capabilities. The screen can collect up to 100 notes and allows the user to easily go back to notes pinned directly on the always-on screen. A "Translate" feature now recognizes punctuation marks, letting users highlight entire sentences rather than single words, and supports 71 different languages.[15][5] The edges of the screen on the Note 8 allow the user to open two apps at once in a multi-window view, dubbed "App Pair."[15] In the Camera application, a new "Live Focus" effect lets users adjust the intensity of background blur both before and after capturing photos, while "Dual Capture" makes both rear cameras take individual photos of the same subject, with one acting as a close-up shot and the other from a distance capturing the whole scene.[15]

Camera testing company DxOMark gave the Note 8 a rating of 94, the joint-highest score of any phone, shared with the iPhone 8 Plus.[21][22] Just a few days after the report of the Note 8 published was, the Pixel 2 tested was and given a 98 score, besting them both.[23][24] It was noted that the Note 8 had better optical image stabilization than the IPhone X.[25]

The Note 8 improves on the Screen Off Memo feature that debuted on the Note 7, this time letting you jot down up to 100 pages of notes without even unlocking your phone. Other notable S Pen features include Live Messages, which let you sketch your own GIFs, as well as improved translation capabilities.

Also noteworthy is just how uncluttered the Note's face is. There's just enough room above the screen for an earpiece, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera and an iris scanner. Below the screen, there's nothing at all, since the Note 8 uses a virtual home button, but beneath that is the now standard USB-C port, a speaker, a headphone jack (!) and the S Pen's hidey-hole. Despite that glut of ports, the Note 8 is rated IP68 for water and dust resistance, allowing doofuses like to me to use the phone as a cold brew coffee stirrer. (Pro tip: It makes coffee taste terrible.) Meanwhile, the power button lives on the Note's right edge, and on the left you'll find the volume rocker and the love-it-or-hate-it Bixby key. (In case you were wondering, no, there's still no way to remap this button to do anything else.)

While the S Pen hasn't changed much physically, a handful of software tweaks and additions make it more capable. One of my favorite features, Screen Off Memo, now lets you jot down up to 100 pages of notes on the phone's screen without having to unlock the device. Whether anyone will actually ever use all 100 allotted pages is another story, but it's nice to have the option. So far, I've jotted down daily to-do lists that were several pages long; not having to unlock the phone to continue writing has been helpful. Translating text with the S Pen is much improved too, since you can now translate whole sentences and passages instead of just single words. Why the feature didn't work this way to start with escapes me, but it still works a lot better than Bixby Vision's translations.

Alongside the typical software suite of Samsung Notes, Smart select and Screen write, you now have a new feature called "Live message" that lets you draw out a message and have it turned into an animated gif that you can then send into any app that'll accept that file format. It's a neat thing that you'll use four times and never touch again. Screen off memo, which lets you pull out the S Pen and immediately start writing without unlocking the phone, now lets you expand your notes to a staggering 100 pages. That's decidedly more useful.

Please note: In September 2019, we updated the DXOMARK Mobile test protocol to cover ultra-wide-angle performance and renamed the protocol DXOMARK Camera. We also expanded our low-light testing and created the new Night sub-score, which incorporates the previous Flash score. We have retested this device using the new Wide and Night test protocols and updated the scores in this review, but we have not changed the text from the original review. For more information, please see the articles about our new Wide and Night test protocols.

Frequent note-takers will love the off-screen memo feature, which lets you jot down white-ink notes on the turned-off black screen as soon as you eject the S Pen. Off-screen memos, introduced with the doomed Note 7, enable you to capture your thoughts without having to unlock the phone first.

Add on taxes and the Galaxy Note 8 costs over $1,000 (note: EU and UK prices are always inclusive of taxes) and it is worth pointing out the Galaxy S8 can be found much cheaper than its original price having launched in April.

Samsung has been ostensibly sticking to a two-year design cycle. It must be noted that the iterative refinements it offers in the second year are done without any increase in price (in India, that is). Which is to say, the launch price of the Galaxy S9/S9+ was the same as that of Galaxy S8/S8+.

Oticon Real, More, Own, Zircon and Play PX hearing aids are compatible with the new Android accessibility protocol, Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) allowing high-quality, one-way direct streaming from Android devices with Android 10 or later and Bluetooth 5.0. Please note that this list may change as Android operating systems are updated.

However, buying a new phone comes with many benefits but neither you nor I can free from the troubles of transferring thing on old mobile phone. More advanced technology on phones also represent more dependence on using them. Many important data are terrible to miss. In the way, users have to spend a lot of time transferring data from Samsung to Samsung. To solve the problem, we have gathered the most effective solutions about how to transfer data from old Samsung (note 8/9/10) to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20. 041b061a72


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