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Buy Tairyo Rods [CRACKED]

I just love it when new technology comes along that makes a real and measurable difference. This, for me, occurred with the introduction of the Tairyo Nano series of rods, a series of rods that uses nano-technology to provide rods that are light, strong, responsive and, as I found out in the field, have unexpected tapers.

buy tairyo rods

Nano King Rods are handcrafted with high-modulus graphite, and have a carbon scrim that is reinforced with super high-modulus graphite for added weight reduction. The addition of the Nano resins is the real secret of these rods and enables them to be strong, light and highly advanced in a very competitive field.

While the results were good, the interesting part for me was that once the rod was rigged and ready to go, the crisp, wiggle test action had gone and a softer, more parabolic working bend replaced it. This was a little disconcerting at first as I am used to fast taper, slightly heavier rods, but once I got used to it, well the results really spoke for themselves.

Since that initiation the rod has trolled for flatties, cast poppers for whiting and even been subbed in to do some whiting fishing with bait, a task that it handled incredibly well and was as surprising to me as anything. I really feel this rod is now one of my allrounder type rods for the lighter estuary stuff I do 041b061a72


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