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Balance Yin & Yang

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

We need to balance Yin (internal subjectivity, emotions, spirituality, chastity and soberness, meaningful sacredness, femininity etc.) with Yang (external objectivity, scientific materialism, sensual pleasure, rationality, logic, masculinity) in order to be content, balanced and whole. We are all energy that has both yin and yang. Some of us are more yang dominant, and others more yin dominant. Regardless, it is our duty to balance and unite yin with yang. When we are able to do that, we become self-realized Gods, since God is our true self that’s realized. It is okay to pursue and indulge in ethical material pleasures in responsible moderation, but you should never forget that material pursuits and pleasures are not and are far below the supreme ultimate goal of life. The goal of life should never be forgotten. It is to awaken, love, learn and unite with the source/God/Brahman/Divinity/Divine Universal Consciousness/Infinity/Truth whether it be through logic, self-analysis, philosophy and science, or though personal love, art, dance, music, meditation, and devotion. Every material form is real, but temporary and illusionary. There is a time and place to take the material world and your external surroundings seriously, and there is also a time and place to prioritize your inner subjective spirituality. God created both the material and spiritual world(s), so it is okay to enjoy both. What brings the most happiness, completeness and contentment is balance, but always prioritize and live for the truth/source/God(s).

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