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Interfaith & Science

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

We live in a world full of different and sometimes contradicting ideologies, belief systems, moralities and viewpoints. In order to obtain peace, we must delve deeper into each being we interact with, and try to find the commonalities. The wonderful thing about science is that it is objective, and gives us real truth that can be proven and demonstrated through experimentation. Science is the reason I’m able to write on a computer, have a phone, have electricity, have clean water, have good food (Cooking is both a science and an art), have shelter, etc. Whatever that can be objectively proven shouldn’t be refuted, but rather accepted. But what about subjectively speaking? The subject is just as important as the object. However, when it comes to our subjective beliefs, lots of times it is very relative. For example, one man may serve and worship Christ, while another Buddha, another Shiva, another Krishna, the Goddess, the Tao, Allah, Yahweh, Jah, etc. The ultimate universal Consciousness is referred to by different names, and worshipped in different forms, including no form by various people. Some people are even atheistic. In my opinion, the absolute truth must be both objectively and subjectively sound. In other words, it must never go against what science proves but rather compliment it, and the individual must have the greatest love and peace experienced by their subjectivity, for the soul is love and peace itself. While the subject cannot be objectively and physically proven, it can be proven in objective logic. There are experiences and emotions we experience that can’t be objectively described, yet it is subjectively absolute. The object cannot be whole without the subject. Yin-Yang. Yin is subjectivity, and yang is objectivity. They both co-exist and compliment one another. I personally believe that we need to accept that we call the source different names and may understand it in different ways, but still see that we are all related children of the original source and Godhead. Lord Krishna, an incarnation of God within Hinduism, states that God has millions of names and forms. I personally believe that to have harmony in society, we must have tolerance for other beliefs and values, as long as the other’s beliefs don’t threaten our safety. It is worth learning about different belief systems and what people devote their life to, even if we don’t follow their path. I believe that we should have a pluralistic society, where all faiths are given equal attention and respect, and a pro-science community that thrives on scientific achievement and advancement. Combining interfaith and science is the best way to have inner and outer peace within oneself and within society. Science and spirituality are wings belonging to the same bird.

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