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The Divine Is You and Me

You are nothingness, something, and everything!

You are all forms including no form!

You are the endless void!

You are all names including no name!

You are nature and every creature!

You are all personalities!

You are every atom and element!

You are the demonic and heaven sent!

The source of intelligence, beauty, humour and love!

You are the thief of hearts, the controller of minds!

You are one and many!

You are the source of all religions, arts, sciences, and philosophies!

The source of my body, breath, thoughts, soul, heart and brain!

You are the creator of imagination and logic!

The destroyer of existence!

The slayer of the ego!

You are the source of mystery and tragedy, of spiritual and material energy!

You are every emotion, touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell!

You are the source of creativity and storytelling!

You are the source of food and agriculture!

You are every flower and wild beast!

You are the cause of war and victory!

You are life and you are death! Y

You are time and space!

You are both sacred and mundane sexuality!

You are every drug and psychedelic!

You are the athlete’s skill and will!

You are every mathematical equation!

You are both genders including no gender!

The divine masculine and the divine feminine!

You are everything and nothing!

You are the self!

You are the lord of all lords,

The abductor of my soul!

You are me, and I am You.

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