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The Wrathful Fierce Feminine & The Enchanting Loving Mother Goddess!

She is an angelic, majestic and mesmerizing queen that is also destructive and ruthless!

Cold-blooded, she renders her demonic enemies useless

She is Devi, inaccessible and invincible!

She is derided by the demonic imbeciles

She is justice personified to the ignorant criminals

She is Maha Shakti, also known as the great supreme power

She is time and death, and like them she devours

She is sometimes nurturing and sweet yet at other times bitter and sour

Even the demons cower at Devi's immeasurable power!

She is a goddess, the mother and nurturing womb of the endless black void of nothingness

and of all of existence, from the matrix to its illusory appearance

And the demons know to keep their distance

She can annihilate hoards and armies in an instant

She is known to eliminate misery and suffering!

She compassionately gives her mercy to anyone who is crying and muttering

She never leaves a genuine seeker hopeless and left wondering

This enchanting loving mother is the source of material energy

Her unparalleled beauty and glories go on endlessly

She can bewitch and enchant anyone, whether playfully or vengefully

even the most sensibly can be torn apart helplessly

She is the source of motherly unconditional love as well as sexual alchemy and chemistry

She has multiple hands to protect her devotees in all directions

Every woman and the feminine energy is made in her reflection

She is divine universal consciousness personified as feminine perfection

She is every chaste and pure woman, and also every filthy sleazy whore

She is every mother, sister, daughter, nurse, and divine goddess of mythology and lore

She is the source of all musical melodies as well as wisdom and knowledge,

She can be a healer, philosopher, preacher and even a warrior or teacher in college

She is my my blindest, passionate, and rawest emotions

The gemstones hidden in the deepest darkest ocean

The source of my prayer and devotion

Her knowledge is every scientific revelation and explosion

She is what gives existence its energy and motion

She delivers all souls from misery and ignorance

All behold the goddesses omnipotence

Please save me with your deliverance

Without you I am insignificant

But no one can stop me if I am used as your instrument

So please, let me peacefully die and return to thy womb

And let me never forget you, even when I'm in my tomb!

You represent fiery destruction and doom,

But also the colourful spring flowers in bloom

We were all caterpillars created in your matrix cocoon,

And you make us all butterflies guided by your sun and moon

You control all weather, from scorching desert air to drenching monsoon

Oh Devi! Nothing can stop you on your path if you're full of wrath!

No one can fully understand you like the most complex math!

But your lovers and devotees know you're always there to chat!

All they have to do is look within, the heart underneath the skin

And they will find the wrathful fierce feminine, And the enchanting

loving mother goddess,

The divine cause and source of all subjects and objects

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