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We’re All God’s Beloved Children!

The supreme ultimate reality, source, Brahman, Tao, Jah, Allah, holy spirit or Godhead does not care what name you call Him/Her, and what form/idol you use to comprehend Him/Her. If you believe in monotheism, or one supreme ultimate reality/Source/Godhead, and that God is all-knowing, then you have to come to the conclusion that God created everyone and everything, including knowingly raising people into different religions. It would be very cruel for God to indoctrinate someone into a certain belief system, then not save and send the person to hell for not calling or recognizing Him/Her by the “proper” way or form. The source of everything/divine consciousness is universal to all of us, but is understood relatively and called by different relative names throughout different cultures. An indigenous Mexican who worships and calls his/her God Quetzalcoatl with his/her heart and devotion is just as valid as a Hindu who calls God Shiva, Shakti, Krishna, Vishnu, or a Christian who serves Christ, a Muslim servant of Allah, etc. As long as your heart and devotion is sincere and pure God reciprocates with you no matter what name and form you call Him/Her and recognize Him/Her as. That is why there are people of all religions who have good karma. No matter what your religion is, you are all beloved children of God. Even the atheists are God’s beloved. We experience our hardships and pains as karmic lessons and as an opportunity to surrender to God and go back to Godhead. Even if you have bad karma, God/The source still unconditionally loves you for you are a part and parcel of divinity. Bad karma is not a personal punishment caused by God’s anger and wrath, but rather simply a negative reaction caused by previous negative actions. Since God created people to be raised in different faiths, we can love and learn from one another and focus on the commonalities of our spiritual traditions. We should all love each other as a spiritual family, even the people who have different views and beliefs. We should take the love, beauty and wisdom from all spiritual paths/traditions, and discard the parts of religions that conflict with love and reason. No matter what belief system we hold, or even if we have a lack of beliefs, we are all beloved children of God/Source/Divine Consciousness.

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