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The Yogi’s Ways

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Yoga is so much more than Hatha and Raja yoga, which is known for discipline, posing, stretching and bending

It’s a combination of philosophies meant for spiritually ascending

It’s a lifestyle, faith, ideology, philosophy and science that’s never ending

Yoga can be both simple and perplexing

There are many different branches and schools with different viewpoints and rules

Yoga, meditation, wisdom, compassion and devotional concentration are the enlightened one’s tools

The wise stay humble, because they know God and knowledge is infinite, thus they know they will always be fools

With the different yogas, where should I start?

There’s a path called Bhakti, which is the path of the heart

It is the path where one concentrates on his or her emotional devotion and has a loving relationship to a personal form of divine consciousness and all of God’s creatures and existence

You can worship or adore Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Allah, Jah, the divine feminine or any other personal God for spiritual union, unconditional love and upliftment

Then there’s the path of intellect and knowledge called Jnana (pronounced Gyana)

This is for people who like to think with their brains and use science and philosophical knowledge to find the answers to life, self-realization and nirvana

Jnana yogis are impersonal; To them the ultimate reality and original cause of existence is formless, nothingness and empty

Bhakti yogis on the other hand believe that God or universal consciousness has form and personal attributes that are diverse and plenty

Thirdly, there’s karma yoga, which means seeing God in all and doing selfless good deeds to benefit all others

It is volunteering, teaching, helping and healing our struggling sisters and brothers

There’s also a yoga called Kriya Where you obtain God realization by getting in touch with the energies of your inner Krishna, Buddha, Christ and Shiva

Don’t forget about Kundalini yoga too, The divine feminine serpent energy that exists within you

Anyone on a spiritual path, and even atheists, are yogis whether they realize it or not

Some choose to live by the heart, others by the brain and mind, and others by their deeds Some yogis live in isolation and reject the world’s pleasures while others enjoy life and even smoke weed

Some yogis are objective materialists, others are subjective spiritualists, and others like to balance the two

While it is okay to enjoy life’s pleasures, the ultimate aim of life is moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth, death and suffering from this crazy planet which seems like a mental

asylum and zoo

You can follow any one of the yoga paths or even combine them and fuse

Live the life that makes you happy and you can choose

To be genuine by having love, inner and outer peace, happiness and hold truthful views

The yogi’s journey starts within; the spirit soul or divine consciousness is also known as you!

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