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Namaste! The divine in me honors and respects the divine in you! My name is Hrishi Ashtakala. I am a mystic, author/poet, philosopher, and a self-realized spiritual master/teacher within the Vedic/Hindu lineages and traditions of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of loving devotion and surrender), Jnana Yoga (yoga of wisdom, self-inquiry, and rational knowledge), Dhyana (meditation), Tantra Yoga (methods and techniques for love and self-realization), Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep meditation), and Kundalini Yoga (the use of one's inner serpentine feminine energy for ascension).  My personal philosophy is to gather the love, beauty, and wisdom from all of the world's spiritual paths, and to rely on modern-day science. With this open-minded view, I am able to see the divine in every living being. Everything and everyone is my guru, and I have studied world religions and spiritual philosophies for over 20 years. I also have been mentored and trained by other spiritual leaders and teachers from different faiths (both east, west & indigenous). I try my hardest to practice non-judgment, and I offer my services of spiritual guidance and soul coaching. I assist individuals with self-cultivation and self-development for their spiritual journey towards enlightenment and self-fulfillment. I help people with love and social relationships, finding meaning and purpose in life, inner and outer peace, and achieving true happiness. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in mystic counseling or spiritual guidance. My rates as you will be able to see are reasonably priced because I wish to help as many people as I possibly can; from all faiths, cultures, races/nationalities, and backgrounds. Thank you for visiting my page, and may the divine source bless you!

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